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GPS Tracker w/t Sensors

TG102LE is the No.1 quality high-end cruise monitoring equipment in Vietnam. This device is compliant with QCVN 31: 2014 / BGTVT of the Ministry of Transport. Known for the famous automobile black box brand TG102, TG102LE is trusted by experts, agents and customers. Features: Real - time online tracking of vehicles 24/24 Save the historical route data in 30 days on the device History report History Track Playback Tracking all vehicles on a single map Operating status alarm Save the historical route at least 1 year on server Manage driver's information Multiple alarms: overspeed, overtime Tracked by IOS, Android App and Web Applications: Monitor and manage the location of the vehicles, trucks, containers, tractors Fleet management Monitor and manage taxi, grap, rental cars Monitor and manage excavator and contruction cars Monitoring private car Employee's car tracking School bus tracking


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