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VM12 Data Logger

Data Logger IoT

The VM12 data acquisition device is a mobile terminal. It provides a mobile data link through public cellular networks. With high performance VM12 data acquisition module, it has extremely wide application in many areas of life. Features: - Using module 2G / 3G (Optional) - Data acquisition device VM12 has a high performance CPU set of 32bit - RS232, RS485 (RS422) connector protects ESD 15KV - SIM / UIM: 15KV ESD - Wide voltage range and low power consumption 8-45V, 1W, against reverse and overvoltage - Support Watchdog hardware and software - VM12 allows data flows on the user interface ports to be connected to separate servers - Support to set up and use 5 central phone numbers - Allows time synchronization according to the preset Timezone - Allow collecting and logging data on data collection devices, support to upload logs to the server periodically via FTP - Transmit data periodically, by event or by request from the server - There is a two-way authentication handshake - Support flexible packaging methods - Special feature support: conditional reflexes - Easily integrate and analyze data on the system - Update firmware remotely Applications: - Remote data acquisition - Process monitoring - Industrial process control - Energy management - Supervisory control - Security systems - Laboratory automation - Building automation - Product testing - Direct digital control


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