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Data Loggers & Lab Equipment's

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EasyLog  |  EL-USB-CO

EasyLog | EL-USB-CO

This standalone data logger measures and stores up to 32,510 Carbon Monoxide (CO) readings over a 0 to 1000ppm.

EasyLog | EL-WiFi-T

EasyLog | EL-WiFi-T

This WiFi-enabled data logger can remotely monitor an environment over a -20 to +60°C (-4 to +140°­­F) measurement range.

Temperature monitor with email alerts

Temperature monitor with email alerts

The Wireless Alert T can be set up to monitor temperature limits in a variety of applications.

EasyLog  |  EL-SIE-1

EasyLog | EL-SIE-1

Monitor the environment you live and work in with the EasyLog EL-SIE-1.

EasyLog | EL-MOTE-T

EasyLog | EL-MOTE-T

The EL-MOTE-T is a Cloud-enabled, wireless data logger, designed to monitor temperature in a large range of indoor and outdoor applications.

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