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Dymax UVC-5

The Dymax UVC-5 UV Light Curing Conveyor System uses a high-intensity UV/visible light source for fast curing of adhesives, coatings and encapsulants. This cost-effective and versatile benchtop UV curing lamp is suitable for your lab or factory. It is a self-contained unit which fits on a bench and is powered from normal mains electricity.

The Dymax UVC-5 Conveyor System is equipped with a 120 mm wide Teflon® coated belt and one UV lamp. The lamp head is height adjustable on the belt, from 15mm to a maximum of 60mm (custom conveyors are available for larger objects). Curing time can be adjusted by changing the belt speed from 2 to 26 metres per minute. The intensity of up to 400 mW/cm² (UVA range) provides fast and complete cure for potting and conformal coating applications. The conveyor also features a counter to track hours of operation, an electric control unit located in the transportation device, and an air-cooled casing with an aluminium reflector for the bulb.

Dymax UVC-5


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